The Collector’s Item; An Exit 131 Production

In 2002 Bill joined with Brian Jude (Dragon Rider Productions) and several of his fellow college radio alumni and formed a film co-op to sharpen their filmmaking skills in a Do-It-Yourself environment.

The Exit 131 productions group worked on a sweat equity model where the members would bring their own ideas and resources to the table and make short films based on a “zero budget” concept.

Over several years, Exit 131 produced three films with Bill being the Director of Photography for the first and second productions and Writer and Director on the third.

In late 2003 and early 2004 Bill wrote and directed an Exit 131 production entitled “The Collector’s Item.” The film was homage to his favorite TV series, The Twilight Zone and Director Robert Aldrich’s Film Noir classic: Kiss Me Deadly.

The cast:

Kevin Archambault, as Anton

Andrew Kranz, as The Collector

Nicole McAllister,as Ute

Jeannie Sconzo,as The Mardi Gras Queen


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