About Bill Clemis

Writer/ Director, Bill Clemis is a native of New Jersey, a family man and a proud Irish-American. Growing up in the post-  modern era, Bill was influenced by a variety of the visual arts as well as all forms of music.

In High School, Bill was trained in the graphic arts, primarily in offset camera production and  printing work. During this time he also began to work in photography.

During his senior year in high school, Bill discovered the early New York Punk Rock Scene and became a life long fan of the eclectic and underground arts and music scene.

While attending college, part-time, Bill worked at several Public Radio stations and was always ready to champion new, unknown bands. His enthusiasm for music that is out of the mainstream continues to this day.

After serving in The Air Force, Bill returned to college and attended Montclair State University where he pursued a range of subjects related to radio and the visual arts. His curriculum included photography, the history of propaganda, as well as film history, production and theory.

For several years his projects were part of the annual student film exhibition with films entitled “Bloodlines,” “Emotion One”, “Wednesday,” and “Persistence of Memory” The films all dealt with exploration of the self and its relation to society. In his Senior year, Bill was invited to take part in the Student Workshop at The Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

After graduation from MSU, Bill spent twelve years as a Trainer in the field of Human Resources, working for several of the Big Five accounting firms. He traveled extensively, giving training and mentoring in the area of employee benefits and his interpersonal expertise gave him the reputation as a trainer’s trainer. His experiences allowed him to develop an awareness of the cultural traits for diverse groups around the world.

During the period from 2004 to the present, Bill has been working on several speck scripts. While for the most part, these stories deal with human relationships, each of the screenplays is in a separate genre.

In 2009, with the completion of  his screenplay “Orpheus Blues” Bill is intent to bring his interpretation of the myth of Orpheus to light. For this purpose, Bill is creating his own production company. Shark River Films will be concerned with creating projects that will center around New Jersey and some of the unique people and places of the state.



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